Forum Title: Concerned about high VOC varnish used
Hi guys. Not sure this is the right thread but here it goes. I am using a US-based forum as I am not sure people in my part of the world are as concerned about such things. So I was excited about a home renovation and didn't pay much attention when my flooring guys asked me which varnish I want - he recommended a Greek one which he said is very strong and the other choice was an Italian one (I guess it was water-based). As vague as this sounds he works with only two varnishes. He used Hyperdesmo-D, two coats, which as far as I read is an industrial-strength polyurethane used for water protection but mainly on concrete, metal, pipes, etc. I can see that farther north, in Russia (where I guess regulations are less stringent), it is also used for wood flooring as recommended on the packaging. It has a VOC count of 488 gr/l which is at the upper limit as per EU regulations. The smell was horrendous when applied but the contractor said it will fade very quickly. It is winter here but I plan to do extensive ventilation and when I move in I have bought an air purifier with an active carbon filter. I work from home. What are your thoughts, how concerned should I be? I have generally chosen furniture from solid wood, wool carpets and so on to keep a healthy environment but I have failed with the one thing that takes a major space in the home. Is it only the high VOC count I should be concerned about or is it also the ingredients of the product? Am I being too focused on these things as in the past people have used (I guess) much worse products? Looking for a peace of mind here.
Category: Flooring Post By: TRACEY QUINN (Pinellas Park, FL), 03/04/2019

I wouldn't be concerned .. I use to pull Lacquer, they later a commercial grade Polly .. Once the fumes dissipate you will be fine .. Good luck with the floor ..

- M. Vaun (Chicago, IL), 04/11/2019

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